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Monday, October 06, 2008

picture day in doucheland

i think i forgot to mention that today's picture day in my office.  yes, for some godforsaken reason, my company wants to have photos of every person and every team (let's hear it for team spirit!) in the company.  from what i understand, it's in the effort of compiling an office douchebag yearbook.
my main argument with respect to this is that if the company is going to the extent where we have an incentive program based entirely on saving the company money, why is it that they're paying for a professional photographer to come in and literally waste 15 minutes of time of every single employee in the office.  my estimate is that it's nearly 50 hours of lost productivity by doing this ridiculous yearbook idea on top of the costs to shoot the photos and actually produce the book.
well, every employee except myself.  i'm choosing to opt out for the aforementioned reason and choosing to waste my time in other manners.  my supervisor noticed first today that i hadn't shaved.  it's actually a pretty easy to make observation because i haven't shaved since the wedding.
the really funny thing about photo day is that my company has had almost a revolving door of staff turn-around since i started here.  i'm betting there's been a minimum of 15 people who've been let go/quit since i started here 5 short months ago.  so really, there's a good chance that by the time the "yearbook" is published that another dozen people who are in the photos will be "former" employees.  more gooder, all the time.



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