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Thursday, September 25, 2008

698 is awfully close

close, but not quite enough.  my 4GB iPod nano currently has 698 songs on it, but that's not quite enough for the entire work week plus travel time.  i figure that i'll have to repeat some songs starting late tomorrow afternoon.
that's the excitement that i'm looking forward to.  or the the excitement to which i'm looking forward i suppose is the gooder grammer.
i'm not going to pretend that spelling is my forte (pretend i typed the accent in there so it sounds like fortay).  it once was.  in my university edumucation days, or even my college edumucation, but it seems to me that in the last couple of years of being bored to death in the work place that my spelling skills are slowly declining.  i think it means i need to read more.
this week did have its busy moments though.  i had 12 reports that i had to deploy for a client, although when i deployed them it turned out their logins aren't set up correctly so they can't even access them anyways.  not to mention the fact that the dude that requested the reports hasn't replied to any of my questions.  do these reports suit his needs?  who knows?  not me, nor do i care.
i've also determined that caring about the end result is not nearly as important as actually just finishing the product.  in the roughly 128 days of my employment at this company i've completed 78 projects and have received only 2 acknowledgements that what i sent out was good.  i know that generally you can follow the "no news is good news" rule, but this place seems to take the "no news" part a little too far.
i have also yet to determine whether or not coming to work between 30 and 40 minutes late every day is impacting my employer's opinion of me.  my 3 month probationary status with the company has come and gone without a hint of notice from anyone other than myself and my direct supervisor seems to be of the opinion that if his boss doesn't mention that it's necessary, then it isn't.  in the grand scheme of things i can't see it being a terrible thing to come in late if you're not actually doing any work when you get here.  i'm almost as productive in my car on the way to work as i am sitting in front of this computer.  the main difference between me at work and me in the car is that in the car i can't hit the web to determine what kind of guitar i want to buy or what kind of bike would suit me best for the winter months.
in theory, i should probably be more cautious about the things i mention with respect to me working.  all internet activity is monitored by the Surf Control and about half of the world's best time-wasting web sites are blocked.
boss, if you're reading this - i'm working my ass off here.  the report's almost done.



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