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Monday, July 28, 2008


SO, this weekend i learned a valuable lesson:  don't over-do it with new shoes on.
i've learned this lesson before actually.  every time i buy a new pair of shoes i learn this lesson.  i'm sure we all do.  you would think that with the amount of times we've all had blisters on our heels and ankles that there would be some sort of click that goes on in our brains that says "whoah nelly, walking for several hours in new shoes is a stupid idea"
but no.
so this fine and sunny monday morning i sit here with blisters on my heels from new shoes.  the crazy thing is that the rest of my feet are fine.  the new shoes are extremely comfortable otherwise.
totally off topic though...
in the corporate world, does it really count as being properly dressed for the office if you're wearing a white dress shirt with a Corona Beer t-shirt under it?  does that mean that i can get away with wearing my running shoes to the office?  because i did (wear running shoes - not the beer t-shirt.  i've never owned and will never own one of those).
also, i never bring enough fruit to work.  in my efforts to reduce the number of crappy foods i eat (which is in an effort to get rid of the ol' office belly) i try to eat as much fruit as possible at work but never seem to bring enough.  and damn that fruit for having such a high water content.



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