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Saturday, July 19, 2008

wherefor art thou ozone?

although the weather network tells me that it's only 27 degrees out today, my cycling computer tells me that it's 34. thankfully i remembered to apply generous amounts of sunscreen before i left.

this morning's prep ride yielded the following results:
  • Total Distance: 12.6 km
  • Max Speed: 44.8 km/h
  • Avg. Speed: 23.4 km/h
  • Total Time: 32:32
  • Calories Burned: 410.9
  • Calories from Fat Burned: 51
because i've read in numerous places that you're supposed to refuel yourself after any workout, my refuel snack was 1 peach (approx. 40 calories), 1 glass of OJ (110 calories) and 1 small container of caramel yogurt (100 calories). i figure as long as i eat a little less than i burn, i can hopefully get rid of some of the office belly.

i may go out again later if it cools down a bit. it's still pretty retarded hot outside though.

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