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Thursday, July 17, 2008

slow like my brain

it's not awesome when work is so dead that i struggle to find something to do.  business seems to come and go in this new role.  sometimes i can be busy for two or three days straight, but at times i've got nothing to do at all.  the unfortunate thing is that the nature of my company's business keeps the majority of other people in the office tremendously busy all the time, leaving opportunities for intra-office meandering and chit chat to a minimum.  i've even exhausted what i can look at in the local bike shop here.  it's a pretty small shop and their in-store inventory is never that big so i've seen, picked up and messed around with pretty much all of what they have.  the whole "you have to be here until 5" thing sucks too.
i suppose i have to keep positive about it, obviously it could be worse.  i could be stuck at the "you have to be here until 5" job and still have to commute for an hour and a half after that.  at least at this place i'm close enough to either ride my bike or drive for less than 15 mins to get home.
actually, if i ride my bike i can get here in 18 minutes.  i'm not quite sure how it works that in my car it takes me 15 but on the bike is 18.  i think it may have to do with the pace that i ride - it must cause me to miss out on most of the stop lights.  next week i intend to ride my bike exclusively - rain or shine - thereby reducing my carbon footprint to almost nothing.
well, maybe not.  i keep the a/c in my house cranked pretty high.  riding my bike will probably just balance that out.  barely.

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  • At Thu Jul 17, 02:01:00 PM, Blogger pirategirl said…

    Lately we've been pointing window fans out at night so it gets really cool inside, then we close everything up in the morning so it stays nice and cool for the most part until the sun starts going down.

    You could also try living in Florida for a summer. Then you think "It's only 85? Nice!"

  • At Fri Jul 18, 10:38:00 AM, Blogger mmat said…

    i went to flordia in the summer once. although i had fun there, never again will i go someplace that averages 100 degrees every day.


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