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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

four shalt thou NOT count

four days. that's it.

i've been training my replacement at job number one for the last while, and although i'm not quite convinced he's 100% ready, he'll have to do. i am far too excited about the fact that my trip to work will no longer be ridiculous like it was this morning.

it took me more than 90 minutes to get gas and drive the 45 km from door to frickin door. I've also estimated that based on the current price of gas that it's going to cost me between $44 and $50 this week to get to and from job number one. when taking multiple transit systems becomes more cost effective than driving to work, you know you've got a problem.

but that problem will be short lived. only a couple more days to go. i'm looking forward to being able to ride my bike to work on a regular basis. i've literally put less than 100 km on my bike since the start of the warm weather because of the commute and 2 job thing and am going to need to get some major riding in to be able to finish the 75 km in the Ride for Heart on June 1st (Martini - you should totally switch and do the 75 km instead of the 50 - all the cool kids are doing it. and by all i mean me).

what?!? you haven't sponsored me for the ride for heart yet? well then click below and make sure you do that already...

Visit my sponsorship page to see my progress!!

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