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Thursday, May 01, 2008

they made me an offer i couldn't refuse

the official announcement is now: i have officially handed in my notice of resignation to both of my current employers. why? because i have found a new job. and not just any new job, but a new job that is less than 6 km away from my home.

no more two hour commutes. no more assholes in german automobiles cutting me off on the highway. no more 16 hour days.

now, the only way my commute will last more than an hour is if i walk there. slowly.

i start on tuesday after the May long weekend, but i wish it could be sooner. i do feel a little bad that i couldn't give more notice, but honestly once you start dragging that out, then you start questioning what you're doing, then you end up screwing yourself out of a super awesome job that's only minutes from your home.

rocking switch has officially be set to the ON position.

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