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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

sometimes wednesday just sneaks up on you eh?

yup. that's my bamboo plant alright.

at job one my company has recently invested in some new tools for me to do my reporting duties because i create awesome reports about stuff. the only problem is that although this product makes neat charts and graphs and stuff, you unfortunately have to make a decision of whether you want it to look good on the web or look good on paper. apparently you can't have both which is bloody inconvenient.

and you know what else is inconvenient? people that drive BMW's. if i had a nickel for every time some jackass in a BMW tried to take off my front bumper with his "superior" car... well, i'd have a lot of nickels - so many that i'd have to roll them up and take them to the bank to exchange them for dollars and shit. sometimes i wish i could mount a snow plow or some push bars on the front of my toyota and just drive through those fuckers. then i'd say "geez, that german engineering doesn't hold up so well with a snow plow shoved up its ass."

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