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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

it's the famous beethoven's famous ninth symphony fucker

so there are about 3 new employees in my company now. that may not seem like a whole lot, but considering there's less than 50 people to start with, it's actually a fairly big increase in headcount.

and with the increase of new software developers comes the increase in irritating cell phone rings. now, i seem to remember that when i started a new job, it was generally a courtesy you followed to avoid having your cell phone ringer on. heck, i've been here for 2 years and i still leave mine off during the day. the new guys don't seem to have assimilated that information as the cell-phone-tone versions of Ode to Joy or the horrifically annoying and overdone "hello moto" song start to blare at volumes loud enough to drown out even the loudest Ministry songs.

maybe i just need to find a new obnoxious ring for my cell phone.



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