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Friday, March 14, 2008

not so good with the wednesday! part of bamboo eh?

i've really been enjoying listening to the heavy metal versions of 80's pop music tracks made by bands like Korn, Disturbed and Powerman 5000. is that a bad thing?

i mean, they still rock hard, but they have that familiar sound that reminds us that as much as we try to put it behind us, the 80s still happened.

Korn did a version of Cameo's Word Up, which was coincidentally also re-done by one of the former Spice Girls at or around the same time. i can't remember which version came first, but i know which one i like better.

Disturbed tends to release one of these tracks on pretty much all of their albums. Their Down with the Sickness album featured Shout 2000, a cover of the Tears for Fears hit from the 80s and their album 10,000 Fists featured Land of Confusion, an old Genesis track i remember being regularly played at McDonald's back when i worked there.

Powerman 5000's version of Let the Good Times Roll, a Cars classic i remember being in frequent rotation as a kid stays quite true to the original, but adds a harder edge that i'm sure the song would have had if it were made 15 years later.

If anyone else knows of good metal versions of 80s tracks, leave a note in the comments so's i can hunt them down.

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  • At Mon Mar 17, 12:06:00 AM, Blogger ZoeyBella said…

    There's a cover of 'Word Up' that was on the Barb-Wire soundtrack. (Don't ask... I was in college... I didn't know any better...)


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