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Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm not on holiday now, but i should be

i should always have holidays. and fresh baked cookies.

well i have the cookies, but the holiday is over. the first batch of pictures can be found here. there's not a whole lot there yet, just the digital stuff i decided i liked - let me know what you think eh? i have two rolls of black and white film that i'm going to develop myself. yeah, i know. real actual film. in high school i did a project where i developed black and white film on my own, but that was many moons ago and i need to remember how to do it. i also need to buy the chemicals and stuff. a friend of mine at job #1 has offered to lend a hand where needed - he does that kind of stuff semi-professionally.

i discovered that i've got a half dozen or so rolls of colour film that have been used but not developed yet. unfortunately, i don't think i can develop colour film at home on my own. i've been told that it's very temperature sensitive and the chemicals are a real bastard to get right, so i'll have to bite the bullet and take them out to get processed.



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