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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


in the last three days i've managed to burninate myself more times than a person should inside of a three day span.

first i burnt the roof of my mouth very badly on pizza. lesson learned: wait more than 30 seconds to eat pizza after taking it out of the oven. something sitting in an oven at 450 degrees for 22 minutes is likely to be hot.

next i managed to burn my middle finger. when you notice that stuff is clogging the drain in your dishwasher and it's only just finished it's heated drying cycle, it's best to wait until after it's all cooled down before you start clearing out the drain. that one made a neat sizzling noise.



  • At Tue Feb 05, 11:05:00 PM, Blogger pirategirl said…

    When I worked in a deli, I burnt my arms a bunch of times on the shrink wrap machine. It has this bar that melts the plastic wrap so you don't have to rip it. It sizzles and that thing happens where you hear and smell burning flesh before you feel it. That sucked.


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