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Thursday, January 17, 2008

it just occurred to me

that i've been tracking the bamboo growth for 16 weeks - 4 months now.

so i created this slide show so that i can see the progress...

the other day i was watching the Back to the Future movies... well, the first two anyways cuz i didn't have time to watch the third ... and i noticed a critical flaw in the time travel theories part way through the second film. there's a point when Doc Brown is explaining to Marty that somehow this alternate reality had occurred because Biff from the future had changed the past.

now, if the past had changed to such an extent that it did in the movie, wouldn't they have some recollection because they technically would have been involved in that past even though they were in the future when it happened? my theory on time travel is that although you may be able to go into the past, you wouldn't necessarily be able to change things because they've already happened. Robert Zemeckis seems to take the Ray Bradbury theory on time travel, believing that by going into the past, you can somehow change the future. personally, my take on time travel is demonstrated perfectly in 12 Monkeys: the past has already happened, and nothing you try to do can change it. if i were to get into a time machine right now and go back 30 years in the past, i could not change the outcome because 30 years ago - 1978 - has already happened. it's no longer active.

but all in all, Back to the Future and 12 Monkeys are awesome movies.

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