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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 15! and no new shoes required!

it's getting a little difficult to track week-to-week growth now because of it's size, but comparing against the first bamboo wednesday! post, you can definitely see how much this thing has grown

thank goodness for unmarked boxes of stuff. i managed to find the pair of vans that i bought last year that have been hiding somewhere in a box since before i moved last month. since they haven't been worn in a couple of months, they have managed to retain much of their comfort level.

which is good, because i hate the mall.

and just when i thought the tales would be over, we have a new page in the tales that were long thought to be lost about my douchebag (former) landlord. i got a phone call from her yesterday asking me if i still had the apartment keys.

what the hell? didn't i already tell her where the keys were MORE THAN A MONTH AGO?!?!?!?

and among the stupid natured comments were "oh, i thought you meant that you had them in YOUR mailbox" to which i replied "why would i put the keys in my mailbox if you don't know where i live?"

how retarded can one person get? first of all, i moved like 2 months ago, told her exactly via voicemail where the damned keys were and here we are in mid january and she's asking me stupid questions. i love it. what a retard.

actually, i shouldn't be insulting like that. calling her a retard would be giving retarded people a bad name.

retarded, maybe that's not the PC term - so does that make it alright that i call her a retard?

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  • At Fri Jan 11, 12:04:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    She sounds likes she's dumber than a flea with a learning disability.

    Maybe you could send her on a wild goose chase. Tell her you left the keys in mailbox A. But instead of the keys, she finds a note which leads her to another bizarre location, etc, etc. Fun!

  • At Fri Jan 11, 06:08:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    it would be really awesome if i could send her to silent hill-esque places with this series of notes and hopefully one of the zombies would spit acid on her.


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