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Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Lord, you look just like the piss-boy!

we had the deployment of our product at job number one today. i've been certain for quite some time that something (that wasn't my stuff) was going to fuck up at some point during the night, but i was the only one with enough common sense to try to figure it all out.

things started off as usual at the same time. i got up at 2 to start my testing, but oh - there's delays. testing can't start until 3.

no biggie i thinks, i'll just scan the job market for a while.

3 o'clock rolls around, and then so does 3:30. i message one of the product testers only to find things are running behind, but should be ready shortly.

4 o'clock rolls on by. at this point, i've started watching History of the World: Part 1. as 4:30 approaches, i message the product tester again. i'm getting a little concerned at this point because our maintenance window is suppsed to END at 5am. being that we're past 4:30 am and the application's not even ready, let alone tested, i'm beginning to get concerned.

"we've informed the boss, he says give it an hour then we roll back"


so another hour rolls past, and we're pushing 6am by this point. "oh, the changes are almost done mmat, should just be a few more mins."

at five minutes after six, i get the green light to start testing my reports.

oh, did i mention that i started job number two at 10 am? oh yeah, that.

so i'm running off of two hours sleep, a bowl of Count Chocula and the most mediocre office coffee in the whole wide world. i can't wait to hear what the boss has to say about this on monday. maybe i should be *cough cough* sick.

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