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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

almost there

so the majority of my stuff is moved into the new place. most of the boxes went on friday and all the furniture went on saturday. yesterday i got to spend the day waiting for the cable and phone guys to come and hook my place up. the annoying thing is that my internet connection is still not working at home yet. i called sympatico support and they claimed all would be resolved within 4-6 hours. yeah. right.

the good news is that everything's almost done with more than two weeks left in the month. right from the beginning i knew i was going to take my time with this one. last year we did the whole move in one day and i vowed never again to make that mistake.

so today i will spend the day catching up on two missed days at work. i love those "what's the status on this" emails. they rule. and then i have to call sympatico support to figure that shit out too. gar.



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