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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 4!

so things are still pretty busy. i managed to forget my good camera, so you get crappy RAZR photos of bamboo again this week...

i've noticed a bit of growth. it seems to be keeping up with its regular .5 to 1 cm per week growth pattern. i'm kind of in shock by office people's capability to kill bamboo. outside of a cactus, it's probably the easiest plant to take care of in the world. you can't seem to over-water it, i keep the glass full to the top every day and the thing seems to be thriving.

the deal is essentially done for the new place, i just need to drop off my rent deposit tonight and wait for the 1st to come around so i can start moving my crap in. i've had to book a ton of time off work to try to get my act in gear and get everything moved. the good news is that i'm excited to move, the bad is that ever-lingering feeling that you might not be quite ready to do it. i'm sure 1 or 2 days of hard-core packing will remedy everything.

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