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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 3!

week three of the bamboo project and things are looking well...

if i were to guess, i think it's grown by about another half to one centimeter or so. i think i fudged the angle a little bit in this week's photo. maybe i should bring in a better camera to take the picture too, my Motorola RAZR isn't really doing it justice.

good news on the new home front too. the place i looked at last night worked for me, so i'll be moving in next month. no more apartment hunting for me. i'll be so happy to not have to take a crowded elevator every day. and also - a fireplace for the winter time. that's gonna be so awesome. i'll be able to save a ton on heating bills too i figure.

the only downside to all of this is that i have to start packing like crazy. i want to get the hell out of my place as soon as is humanly possible. it'll be so nice to have a big place to live again.

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