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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

perhaps an actual place to live?

tonight i'm going to go see a townhouse that will hopefully be the place i end up moving to. it's a big three bedroom place with a garage (or should i be calling that a car-hole?) and a back yard. it will be nice not having to take an elevator down 23 stories with a bunch of arse wipes just to take the dogs out for a pee.

and did i mention the arse wipes on the elevators? yesterday my adventure in walking the dogs resulted in one woman freaking out so much when she saw them that she wouldn't get onto the elevator. no big deal for me, but really - who's scared of a 5 lb chihuahua and a 9 lb dachshund (yes, i now also have a wiener dog).

today i need to try to be effective and productive at work, although i REALLY don't want to be. working is for suckers. the unfortunate thing is that i've still got another 15 years or so to go of being a sucker (and yes, i DO intend to retire by the age of 45).

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