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Sunday, November 04, 2007

a sign i'm moving to a better neighbourhood

or neighborhood for our american friends...

i was in the new place doing some cleaning and painting and hear a ring at the doorbell.

no, it wasn't the pope, though it's not uncommon that he shows up unexpectedly. last time he showed up with two kegs and the entire star trek collection on dvd. i just stayed still and hoped that he didn't hear me.

opening the door actually revealed two neighbourhood girls somewhere around the age of 10. "do you have any daughters?" they asked.

where i live now, the only people who knock on my door are politicians and building maintenance people.

later in the day i looked out the window to see that these kids had gone on to decorate half the street with flowers and other girly things with sidewalk chalk. the only things i generally get to see on the street i live on now are modified 15 year old honda civics driving too fast and minivans packed with obnoxious families that have an insane amount of kids/relatives in them.

photos will be coming soon as soon as we're done painting eh.

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