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Saturday, November 17, 2007

something not right this morning, eh?

this morning the dogs somehow managed to allow me to sleep until 8:15 am. this is a very strange thing. usually they're up and aboot somewhere around the six o'clock hour with the requirements of eating and pooping. from what i understand, most dogs like to eat and poop at about six in the morning, though usually not at the exact same time.

a quick search of the house proved that there were no "accidents" so i went on with the feeding of the dogs which was followed shortly thereafter by the pooping of the dogs.

i noticed while outside that there was nobody out there except for the really (really) old guy who delivers newspapers and flyers from door to door in my new neighbourhood.

with the puppies in their crate and the cat fed, i decided it was time to go to work. since i still haven't done a proper grocery shopping since we moved into the new place, i figured a quick bite to eat at tim horton's would be the right thing to do. i AM canadian, i'm pretty sure it's my duty to go there at least every once in a while.

the drive to the tim horton's was uninterrupted by stop lights. as a matter of fact i managed not to stop at all until i pulled into the drive-thru.

and there was only ONE other car in the drive through. at 8:45 am. on a saturday. wtf mate?

so this morning i somehow managed to feed and walk the dogs, feed the cat, clean myself and get dressed, go to a tim horton's drive through AND manage to get to work within an hour of my waking up.

well, i suppose i can put up with things being "not right" as long as these things work in my favour.

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