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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 10! and the end of a condo!

This week's bamboo picture brought to you by the colour purple.

it's still growing, albeit much less noticeably.

i got a phone call from my douchebag landlord last night. a couple of phone calls actually. she seems to be quite persistent when she wants to get a hold of me. i still need to hand over the keys to the condo, but since i'm an asshole i'm going to wait to call her back and i'm not going to give her the keys until friday. why should i wait? oh yeah, i just mentioned, i'm an asshole. she mentioned wanting to do an inspection of the place too, but i can't see how that would be logical because obviously nobody did an inspection for the last two places i moved into that were managed by cuntzilla.

the new place is coming out nice. i'm nowhere near completely unpacked. heck, i'd say that i'm max 30% unpacked (most of my clothes are still in bags), but it's still better than the old place.

work is retardedly busy right now. i have massive deadlines this week and my boss is doing everything he can to be a jackass about it. as soon as i get my annual bonus, i'm out of here. anyone in the mississauga area looking for a database analyst or report writer (righter) give me a call eh?

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