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Thursday, January 03, 2008

a post that's not about bamboo

being busy at job number one sucks. not only do i have to do actual WORK, but i have to drive more than an hour to get somewhere that makes me work.

see in the photo above, there are two screen and only two cups of coffee, putting my coffee to monitor ratio at 1:1. anyone who works in an office knows that this ratio is entirely unacceptable. how anyone, particularly myself, can survive in these types of slavery conditions is beyond my comprehension.

oh, did i mention that i got a psp for christmas? well, i did. and i've been playing Silent Hill Origins for the last several days. man, if you want a creepy game, there you go. it stays quite faithful to the creepiness of the series, but also brings back a lot of familiar things if you've seen and enjoyed the movie (which i did). if you were thinking of getting a psp, get one. they are ultra awesome. and if you've already got one, get Silent Hill Origins for it and play it with your headphones on and the lights off. awesome x2.

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