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Thursday, December 20, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 13! thursday style!

you know it's bad when i can't even do my wednesday post on wednesday. Martini mentioned that it would be an awesome idea to compare the first week of bamboo wednesday with the latest bamboo wednesday, and i tend to agree with him. when you look at the two next to each other, you can really see the progress.

Here's yesterday's photo:

and the first photo, from September 26, 2007:

sorry I couldn't actually get the photos to be side-by-side. blogger's a little finicky about how things can be displayed and uploaded. judging by the two photos, i'd guess there's easily been 4-5 cm of growth since late september (1.5 two 2 inches for y'all americans). every day it amazes me a little bit more how most of the people in my office manage to kill these low-maintenance plants off in droves. what's my secret? keep the water full. i just fill the glass container to the top with water every day whether it needs it or not.

the other day i was at wal-mart. now, i've never been a pink floyd fan, i'd even go so far as to say my appreciation of their music falls somewhere below my appreciation for Anne Murray and Celine Dion, but they made me laugh. how? by the Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon slippers you can buy at your local wal-mart for $6.99

so now you can be tacky and show your love for the world's most over-rated band just by putting your slippers on in the morning. i didn't buy them, but i would buy pink floyd toilet paper if they had it.

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