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Friday, March 07, 2008

That's what they say, 500 up on the ladder

today marks the 500th post on this here place by myself, is it appropriate that it's two days after bamboo wednesday! should have been and i'm only just posting my photo now?

we're almost at the 6 month mark on this expedition of trying to find out why office people kill bamboo so frequently. i still haven't been able to figure it out, though i'm sure i will some day.

today my boss sent an email out saying that he was going to be taking a mini spring break with his kids out of the country, so he's not going to be around until wednesday next week. within seconds of people in my office reading this email you could hear the cheers and comments of "hey, does that mean WE can take a march break too?"

i think we should. well, two of these next few days are days off anyways because it's a holiday. maybe i can get away with the "making an appearance" style of coming to the office for monday and tuesday. i've already gotten a head start today i suppose since i didn't actually get into the office until nearly 1 o'clock. if i leave at 5, that would make today a 4 hr work day. frickin sweet. just like back in high school when i only had a part time job, except i get paid a lot more to do this and don't have any calculus homework to do afterwards. the sucky thing is that i have to go to job number two tonight and work there until 11 o'clock, so really, i suppose i'm going to actually be pulling a full work day after all.

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