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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

he can't talk because he's a pony

last night i went on a thrift shop adventure with Cindy from Studioloo when we came across a peculiar situation:

a half dozen fallen paper-maché ponies lying on the ground, twitching and cold. one pony stood out amongst the others. obviously it's strength was greater than his fallen brothers, so i would estimate that he was the pony commander.

paper-maché ponies are known to be fiercely territorial, especially when it comes to their fallen brethren. i cowered in the distance, camera phone in hand and watched as Cindy cautiously approached and tamed the ravenous beast. her courageous actions almost certainly saved the rest of us frightened thrift shoppers from a frightening and bloody massacre at the hand of the paper-maché pony.

you can never trust ponies.



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