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Monday, July 14, 2008

no iPhone for me

i'm glad i didn't stand in line for hours, or days, or months even.
or even a few minutes.
i just got off the phone with Fido, my cell phone provider, because i wanted to buy an iPhone.  unfortunately because i renewed my contract last year i am NOT eligible for renewal at this point, so i'll have to wait until 2009 if i want one.  fuckin fuckers.
on a brighter note, there are at least two people in my office singing brutally butchered versions of songs that i enjoy from their original artists.
in the meantime, make sure you join me in my challengeHänni's taking part, and if she's taking part then everyone else should too.  i'm giving up on my car for the week and doing everything by bicycle that week.  i figure it'll save me about $30-$40 in gas based on the cost at the pump this morning.

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