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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so, what's this new job like eh?

i don't think my system has fully adjusted to the fact that i only have one job now, i still find myself planning things out around my "spare time" so that i get everything done when i'm not working.

the good news aboot the new job: first, it's only one job. second, it's close enough to home to ride my bike to work (although it is only a 15 minute bike ride).

crappy news aboot the new job: no messenger at work - msn and googletalk are now off the list. also, internet use is highly discouraged. AND, they expect me to be there for the entirety of the business day regardless of how busy i am. for some reason, they have this "we pay you to be here, so be here" philosophy. who does that? that's so 2004.

coming up on sunday is the Ride for Heart. i've noticed that with the exception of Hänni my internet sponsorship has been way low. get sponsoring eh! i promise i'll post pictures of my seriously out of shape arse sweating out 75 km on my bike. it'll be awrsome. normally i would have been able to train a bit more, but with the two job thing and now the new job thing, i haven't had the time for any distance training. so far the furthest i've gone in a single shot this season is about 20 km. sunday's ride will be that nearly 4 times over.

what?!? you haven't sponsored me for the ride for heart yet? well then click below and make sure you do that already...

Visit my sponsorship page to see my progress!!

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  • At Wed May 28, 10:27:00 AM, Blogger Martini said…

    I too have had no time to train, with the basement reno taking up all my time. Also, my donations have been way low. I'm struggling to crack the $100.


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