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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new shoes and no hassle?

i know eh!  how in the hell did i manage to buy new shoes with no hassle?  it's pretty awesome actually.  my company has an employee program called "Work Perks" that gets me deals at a bunch of different places - one of which is New Balance
i checked out their website and realized that they have an amazing return policy, coupled with a ridiculous variety of sizes.  i found a pair of shoes that i didn't find to be too retarded looking and ordered away.  best of all - no tax and free shipping so not only do i save the hassle of going to a shoe store or the mall only to be told "sorry dude, we don't carry 13 wide", but i also save some cash in the process.  finally i can retire my nike bastards (and their similar in appearance vans counterparts).
also, my luck with rain this week is not getting better.  we've got more thunder storms a-brewing right now and yes, i did in fact ride my bike into the office again.  in theory, it will be shiny and clean by the time this week is over now that it's been rained on for 3 straight days.  in reality, i'll have to take it in to get serviced because even if the rain washes off all the dirt it'll leave all the moving parts dry and potentially rusting (does aluminum rust?  i hope not).

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