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Thursday, July 24, 2008

forgot me totals eh

so if i had left for work 20 minutes earlier this morning, I would have arrived just as the rain started.  instead i arrived just as the rain was ending, drenched.  due to the lack of fenders on my bike, i had the good ol' mud-stripe up my back.
here's yesterday's totals:
  • Total Distance:  24.116 km
  • Max. Speed:  44.6 km/h
  • Avg. Speed:  22.1 km/h
  • Total Time:  1:05:31
  • Total Calories Burned:  770.6
  • Total Calories Burned from Fat:  92.7
I would have made it to 25 km except just before i was going to do my last trip around the block a bug flew in my eye.  sorry, no pictures - i couldn't get one with the bug in focus.  it was insane though, i could not get it out while on my bike.  i had to go inside, see it in the mirror and wash it out in the sink.  more gooder, all the time.
sometimes i wish my cycling computer thingy didn't tell me about the calories burned from fat.  that total is rather pathetic when you compare it against the rest of the numbers.

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