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Thursday, August 14, 2008

on time like canada frickin post

today i decided to show up to work with a clean shave, freshly cut hair and nice looking clothes.  more than likely people will think i've got a job interview, and i find it fun to make people think that.
i don't have an interview by the way.  looking for work is annoying.
but i also managed to show up on time, probably for the first time this week.  well before the twice-a-day guys even assembled to go out.  the funny thing about this morning's coffee run for them is that the leader of this group (my boss) was actually a good 40 minutes late for work and hadn't even logged in yet.  he just strolled in at ten minutes after nine, set down his bag and said "let's go gentlemen, i need my coffee this morning"
what was i doing at work so early (aka on time)?  well yesterday i actually worked, so this morning i emailed the last report i was working on and started hitting my limited internet access for a new hat and a bike i will probably never buy because i can never make up my mind about things (how could i possibly betray Agent Orange?).  i've been lacking discipline over the last week or so with respect to getting on my bike so a $700 purchase in that department may not be qualified at this point.  i probably can justify buying a hat because hey - twenty bucks right?



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