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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

one week since you looked at me

the blisters have finally healed.  i kept trying to over-do it and ended up re-buggering them, but i'm finally used to my new shoes now.
oh, and i'm going to be going to the Stitch N' Pitch in Toronto tonight.  that's right, i'll be knitting (slowly) and watching baseball at the same time.  it's to be hoped that no sudden line drives get sent my way while i'm knitting, but it's been my experience that baseball moves slow enough that i should be able to manage both sports at the same time.
i've also noticed that despite my efforts to prevent it, i've still got a pretty good case of driver's tan going on.  i'm not sure how because my commute is now down to 1/10th of its original distance, but surely enough one arm is certainly darker than the other.  somehow i also managed to get sunburned on my neck this weekend, so for the next couple of days i will officially be a red neck.  yee haw.



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