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Thursday, December 11, 2008

the road is tough

it's such a pain in the ass when the city in which you live has decided that in order to save money, they must wait until absolutely necessary to send out the snow plows. it took me 20 minutes to drive one block today, but strangely the same amount of time to turn around and go to work on a different road.

at my company, nobody can leave voicemails it seems. it's so bizarre. one of our corporate standards is that we're supposed to change our voicemail message every day (several times in a day if you've got meetings), but rather than leave a message for someone, people in this place just call around to other people and ask if the missing person is in the office.

heck, if you call in to the office main line, the receptionist is supposed to page out to someone who doesn't answer their extension right away and then ask the caller if they don't mind being put through to their voicemail.

i guess the idea is that it helps gain us customer service points, but i think it's almost getting a bit ridiculous. there's no reason i should get a phone call from someone asking if my supervisor is in the office when they can just leave him a bloody voicemail.

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  • At Sun Dec 21, 11:46:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    We got a pretty raw deal here too. No plows. Luckily we have skinny snow tires that slice right through th snow, down to where they can grip. Plus, living 1.5 kms from work helps.


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