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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

corporate douchebag communication

it seems to me that one of the most popular methods of communication for corporate douchebags is voicemail.  it's almost as though most of these corporate douchebags call each other knowing full well that the other douche they're trying to reach won't answer their phone and leave the message accordingly with the hope that when they get the call back with the info they need that it will be left for them in the same voicemail format.
i think it's like some sort of mark of honour, a comparison they can make when they actually get around to seeing each other face-to-face.  "i had seventeen voicemails this morning - it sure is busy in my department"
while i wonder to myself "and did you really need to listen to all of them on speakerphone you cunt?"
speaking of speakerphone, there are literally four conference calls going on within ear-shot of me right now all on speakerphone.  i kind of wonder as to the effectiveness of that situation.  they didn't all start at the same time, so someone had to have been able to hear for themselves that there's already a speakerphone cranked up volume-wise.  does it really make sense to have your speaker on too so that your client can hear everything that the other client is talking aboot?  and it's almost as if there's a volume war when captain arsehole behind me starts checking her voicemail.



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