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Friday, July 01, 2005

cards anyone?

i'm trying to clean out attic space and get rid of my student loan debt, so i'm calling out to all of you out there right now to spread the news to anyone you may know who may be interested.

i will be over the next few weeks starting to sell my old hockey and baseball card collection. What do i have you ask? here are some highlights - most cards are in mint condition (though anything before 1986 is more likely to be near-mint condition).

- 1980 Wayne Gretzky - 2 of them (2nd year)
- lots of Mats Sundin rookie cards (three or four, score american and canadian, o-pee-chee)
- Grant Fuhr rookie card
- Mario Lemieux rookie card (this one's not in the best condition, but worth having just to say you have it)
- Steve Yzerman rookie card
- Brett Hull rookie card
- Wayne Gretzky 1988 "traded to LA kings" card (the one where he's holding up the jersey
- Michael Jordon's Baseball card
- Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card
- Lots of Eric Lindros rookie cards
- Bo Jackson (football and baseball)
- lots of Sergei Fedorov - central red army and NHL
- Joe Sakic, Ed Belfour
- John Olerud, Joe Carter
- Mark Messier 2nd and 3rd year
- Patrick Roy rookie
- Jaromir Jagr rookie
- Ray Borque rookie

Tons of full sets too - most hockey sets from 1989-1992, pretty much all brands (o-pee-chee, upper deck, score canadian and american). and lots of Rookie and Traded sets from the major baseball manufacturers from the late 80's/early 90's

so again, if you collect sports cards or know someone who does - hook them up with my email - untastic@gmail.com. I'd like to do the selling through ebay since i just signed up and don't yet having any rating so if you email me i'll hook you up with a "Buy it Now" link.

thanks big time.


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