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Sunday, June 26, 2005

guess i'll get going if going's what i need to get

even though i told myself i wouldn't, i watched the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and shamefully admit that i rather enjoyed the movie.

but come to think of it, i enjoyed Hellboy too. apparantly they're making a hellboy 2. i don't know that i'll be watching that one though. i know i watched all of the Batman sequels, but i think i learned my lesson from that - something aboot chris o'donnell playing a superhero just isn't right.

i'm hunting down new employment. if anyone knows of anything that pays decently in the tech industry (revolving around the windows/SQL Server type stuff in the Mississauga or Belleveille areas) let me know.

heck, doesn't even need to be in the tech industry, it's just that's what i know right now. if you want to hire me and pay me a good salary to do laundry or wash cars, i can do that too.

well, just because i said i can't do laundry, doesn't mean i necessarily do my own laundry. that would be too easy, and not at all profitable.


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