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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

a cup fit for the man of steel

today i made a cup of coffee

but it was no ordinary cup of coffee, it was the best cup of coffee i've made in my unemployed life. a coffee fit for the pope.

well, maybe not the new pope. i've heard he can be pretty cranky about his coffee in the morning. someone told me once that he threw one of his advisors out the window onto a flag-post rectum first for making a bad cup of coffee only to realize that he had made a mistake and picked up the wrong cup. but the old pope, he liked my coffee. he used to fly in secretly in the back of a WestJet flight wearing some of the nastiest pyjamas i've ever seen a pope wear. old green flannel PJ's for JPII. you know the type - the ones that had been through the washer one too many times and were starting to get a little translucent.

crazy sense of humour though, that one. i'd never heard so many jokes about Ghandi and Mother Theresa until i met him, but man did he love a good cup of coffee. Posted by Picasa


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