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Monday, August 14, 2006

my city needs to stay nukular

for the last few days i've managed to re-addict myself to playing Sim City 3000.  though i've been tempted to upgrade to version 4, i've never quite felt the need.  i like the idea that i know enough about the game now to be able to get success using a variety of different methods - starting a farming town, going industrial, tourism based, whatever.  the most recent city i created i decided to steer away from Nuclear power for a while by going with coal.  coal is the cheapest, but also generates the most pollution.  now my city has some nasty acid rain clouds and the drinking water is polluted.  oh well, i like mutated sims better anyway.

yesterday i started the week with very little to do in the way of workload.  somehow by this afternoon i've managed to dig myself into a pretty hefty workload for a wide variety of places around the office - db work, support work, etc.  it seems to me i've somehow managed to get a sort of "jack of all trades" type reputation that makes everyone in the office think i know everything about everything.  let's just hope they think that at the next wage review eh?


  • At Wed Aug 16, 12:30:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    3000 is my fav, but only 2000 will run on my computer. In real life I love nuclear, but in SimCity 2000 I only use hydro electric because pollution is bad and I don't want aliens to blow up me city.


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