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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ATHF colon movie film for theatres!!!

finally it has arrived... the trailer for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie can be found here. don't spoil it for me though, because i haven't watched it yet. neither of my employers allow for the downloading of large video files like that which leaves only the short amount of time between 11pm when i get home and 5am when i wake up as time for me to watch it. maybe saturday eh? but all should watch and behold its mighty power.

that being said, i'm very anxious to watch Idiocracy. due to a poor advertising campaign and lack of theatre distribution, i did not get to see this in theatres and have been reluctantly holding out for the dvd. it looks like it's going to be hilarious, and if Mike Judge's past brilliance tells anything i won't be disappointed.

a movie that i won't watch - Ghost Rider. i could never really get into the comic, and Nicolas Cage has done nothing but disappoint in everything he's done after Raising Arizona. i thought at first that i'd give it a chance, but after having seen some of the commercials last night (in particular the one with the fat dumbass goth girl describing him) i've decided that it will go the way of the Captain America movie and the first Punisher film featuring the one and only Dolph Lundgren. now that i think of it, if i can't even summon up the guts to sit through Spider-Man all the way through - there's not a chance of me watching nick cage trying to act his way out of a wet paper bag and failing miserably. he should have called it quits after Raising Arizona. he should have said to himself "this is the best film i'll ever have the chance to do - may as well call it quits while i'm on top." but he didn't.



  • At Tue Jan 30, 01:46:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    Could not agree with you more on the Nic Cage thing - worst actor ever. As well on the Ghost Rider comic: I was never a fan of motorcycles.

    I occasionally catch ATHF, and every time I do, I laugh my arse off, so I'm looking forward to this now.

  • At Wed Jan 31, 12:53:00 PM, Blogger pirategirl said…

    Dave says: Poor Nicolas Cage. Apparently he loves comic books and the only movie he could get- (Me: Because he's kinda fugly)- yeah, fugly, is Ghost Rider, AND it looks like shit. Tsk. Stupid crappy comic book movies.

    Also: ATHF! I always forget to have the DVR record it (what with me being old and crappy and in bed by 11).


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