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Friday, December 29, 2006

even though i rarely use them

today will be a day revolving around the purchase of phones. i think that i am perhaps a little to keen on having neat-o electronic gadgets or something because i barely even use the phones that i already have, but maybe having new ones will give me the incentive to use them more.

first i will go to BestBuy and get myself a new cordless phone. i know that one of the reasons i don't use my home phone more often is that i have this crap-hole $10 phone from walmart that has a really short cord and horrendous sound quality. it's kind of like trying to speak to someone who's in another room - perhaps a little like shouting to your neighbour in the next apartment over...

"Hey Peter man, check out channel 9"

after that, I will be picking up yet another new cell phone. the Nokia 6030 is still working just fine, i'm just not a fan of the candy-bar style phone. i wanted a flip phone, and i wanted something with easier buttons to press. the Motorola RAZR will now grace my pockets and be occasionally dropped in my clumsiness starting this afternoon. from what i understand, i will be able to download and play Pacman on this phone which will rule thoroughly.

and take pictures of myself picking my nose.

now i'm going to go kick whoever is whistling in the nuts.



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