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Monday, December 11, 2006

how many have YOU seen

every year the Academy Awards try to determine the best movies of the year, and various magazines and websites publish what they seem to think are the "best" movies of all time. one thing that i kinda like that dips into those realms is the IMDB Top 250. essentially, it's a list of the movies that are ranked with the best ratings out of their entire pile as voted by the viewers. this is much better than trying to figure out which movies you would want to watch based on the academy awards because it's left to the people to decide what's best rather than a committee designed to drive up ticket/dvd sales. i've seen 7 of the top 10 of that list compared to the 12 out of 78 for the academy awards "outstanding" list.

you'll notice that despite winning 11 academy awards, somehow Titanic did not even make the list of the top 250. hmmmm...

i think i'm going to start using that as my point of reference for what's more gooder.



  • At Mon Dec 11, 05:46:00 PM, Anonymous Tracey said…

    rats. i wrote a stoopid reply but it didn't go through. nothing profound except to say i've no intention of seeing Titanic. ewwww. oh, and the einstein pic was a riot. thanks!


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