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Sunday, November 26, 2006

so what did YOU do on saturday night?

so at two in the morning, is this considered saturday night or sunday morning?

and does the fact that i woke up at 1 am affect the answer to that question? or how about the fact that i'm at the office?

we've got a big upgrade of our application being rolled out this weekend and i got "volunteered" to contribute for our team based largely on the fact that my coworker has been the only other representative and was getting tired of having to do this role. it's gonna be a heck of a day today because i'm due at the other job at 10am too.

the only cool thing about coming to work at this time in the morning is that there's no traffic. it literally only took me about 22 minutes to get here this morning including my stop for coffee.

the things that suck about coming to work before 2 in the morning:
  • the aforementioned stop for coffee did not include donuts because they were all out.
  • a serious case of lead-foot almost got me a speeding ticket (thank goodness for the drunk guy who went whipping past the cop following me).
  • the case of lead-foot also got me to work significantly earlier than i had hoped.
  • this is going to seriously fuck up my sleeping pattern. but that's alright because my sleeping pattern is seriously fucked up anyways (thank you poppy and truck).
shoulda brought my laptop to watch movies while i'm doing this crap.



  • At Mon Nov 27, 07:18:00 AM, Anonymous Tracey said…

    I know all about fucked up sleeping and pets... people tell me how my life will change once the baby arrives... I just laugh and tell them I have three cats.

  • At Tue Nov 28, 02:57:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    I love how every time you write so vaguely about work, I can't help but think of Dilbert.


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