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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

busted ass

so i stayed home from work today eh? the dishwasher-fixer-dude was supposed to come to fix our dishwasher at some point between noon and two in the afternoon.

the dishwasher-fixer-dude did in fact come - just before 1pm - but he did not fix the dishwasher. why? because the dishwasher water pump is broken and not worth a piece of crap. he mentioned that in order to fix it he would have to dismantle the entire dishwasher and the cost of parts/labour/etc wouldn't really be worth it when you could get a new one for a little bit more and it would come with a warranty.

and now because i had high hopes of having a functional dishwasher, i must spend the rest of the afternoon washing the dishes i've been neglecting for the last several days.

so who wants to come by for a dishwashing party?



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