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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

great stinking jihad

after what seemed like 4 hours i FINALLY got the computer desks set up, all of the computers running and connected and can finally get on top of the ol' inanet.

well, i suppose that it seemed like 4 hours because it kind of was.

but in my own defense, it seems as though my ISP had some sort of weird outage when i was trying to connect. i'd type in Google.com and it wouldn't work, but for some reason Microsoft.com would.

let the conspiracy theories begin.

i also re-discovered some essential learnings when hooking up the TV to the dvd players, surround sound, vcr, etc: input from one device will NOT work properly if plugged into the input of another device. that's what we like to call "stupid-wrong" in the electronics world.

not that i've ever been to the electronics world, though i have been to the electronics boutique.

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