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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the ruler's back?

for some reason, i've been listening to a lot of Slick Rick tracks lately. Cinderella found a cool mash-up of a song he did with Morcheeba and Paul Simon (conveniently located here) which i guess is what got me started back up on it all again - old school rap.

secretly, i suppose i've always been a Slick Rick fan but it's taken me this long to admit it in public. i've even gone to the extent lately of downloading some hard to find Doug E. Fresh albums to get some of his early tracks

a couple of years ago Def Jam records had a "free slick rick" campaign as a result of him being imprisoned as a result of what seemed to be a minor parole violation (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on this) and faced the possibility of being deported.

his last album The Art of Storytelling seemed to have pretty decent success, but it appears as though once he was released from prison that Def Jam records disavowed all knowledge of him.

so where did he go? who will release his next album? does anyone but me want to know the answers to these questions?



  • At Thu Oct 26, 03:39:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    There are SO MANY musicians from the 80s or early 90s that I wonder about. Did they advance to stage 2: the producer? Or did they end up managing a group of dullards who clean the washrooms at the recording studio?

  • At Thu Oct 26, 04:57:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    i often think about tracking down the forgotten celebrities for a sort of musical "where are they now" type blog/article/whatever. more reading leads me to believe that Slick Rick the ruler's actually back in legal battles with the INS over whether or not he should be deported, but otherwise still touring the US (with a solid fan base at that).


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