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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

busy as a tiger in a horse counting contest

much of today has been spent trying to figure out more ways to add time to what i do at work to fill up the amount of hours that i spend there with something to do other than waste time.

i suppose, technically, i'm wasting time trying to find a way to waste time but have it look as though i'm not wasting time.

things at the good ol' office are at the point where i have something to do every day, but just not something difficult or time consuming. so yesterday i created a report and did a largely unnecessary amount of QA work on it. the upside is that it resolves the "what to do right now" issue, but eliminates the possibility of "when they find bugs in the report" work that would normally have followed.

and i think i'm officially tired of the process of moving from one condo to another. thankfully it's within the building, which at least makes the distance easier to travel, but the fact that 90% of my home is in boxes is a total pain in the ass. and the fact that i've nowhere to put the boxes other than the ever-increasing box stacks is also a pain. navigating the household seems to be becoming more of a labyrinth every day.

moving day is coming soon. anyone want to help?

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