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Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th

today is the stuff that bad movies are made of.

or should that read "today is the stuff of which bad movies are made."

either way i s'pose.

today i walked into the office to find a form on my desk.  a charity-type form.  i guess my company has some sort of deal with the United Way or something because they have these very professional looking payroll deduction forms for you to look at that are designed such that you would almost think that you were required to turn over a certain doller amount from each pay cheque.

though i believe in many of things the United Way does, i do not support much of what is involved in their corporate ethics.  for example:  i have trouble supporting the idea that the CEO pulls in more than a half million dollars per year (in american dollars).  that's why i support charities like the Terry Fox Foundation where you get to see where your money gets spent.  but i suppose that it's a good thing to see a company support charity in any form.  the last company i worked for had no real intention of supporting anything other than themselves (and they didn't even do that very well).

today the IT dudes are shutting down the database server mid afternoon, meaning that after that point i physically will not be able to do any more work.  i'm not sure if that's a friday the 13th curse on my company, or a sign that there really isn't any bad luck on this day...



  • At Fri Oct 13, 03:51:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    Buffalo sure had some bad luck, as the snow storm knocked down thousands of power lines and collapsed a few buildings. It has been declared a disaster.


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