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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

didn't your mom ever tell you to wash up?

even the hubble telescope can see the dark spot on your anus.  or was that Uranus?

today's effort in combatting traffic involved me sleeping until 8 in the morning.  i woke up initially around six to the sound of my neighbour sticking his head out the window and shouting down to his idiot construction co-workers waiting in the van 7 floors below and noticed that his shouting was accompanied by very heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

that particular combination (rain, thunder, lightning, idiots shouting at each other) means terrible traffic in the GTA.  i consulted the dog and the cat that live in my apartment and they agreed - two more hours of sleep should solve all of my problems.

so i leisurely woke up at 4 minutes to eight, showered, ate breakfast and drank some chocolate milk (an essential part to any healthy breakfast) and started on my way to work.

traffic still licked dirty giraffe balls, but at least it moved at a steady pace - averaging 28 km/h today.

some time in between 5pm last night and 10am this morning, somebody left 7 cents on my desk in the form of a nickel and two pennies.  pope B XVI told me once way back before he became pope, that someone had done this to him at the vatican.  seven cents in canadian coins waiting patiently for him as he arrived one morning. 

he never really got into too much detail as to what he was doing in the vatican before he became pope, but needless to say it wasn't long afterwards that ol' JP2 started getting pretty sick and a new emperor... er... pope was elected.

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