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Thursday, October 12, 2006

blog pimp makes money, everybody cringes

apparently PayPerPost doesn't seem to have any problems making the big money with their blog advertising scheme. Techcrunch.com posted an article t'other day about how they've made over 3 million dollars from their venture capitalists.

maybe my problem is that i haven't pitched my blog to venture capitalists, only venture communists. when i first read about the PayPerPost idea of getting paid to write about the topics you choose, i didn't think there was too much wrong with the idea. i mean, it's not like i'd be throwing "free diet pills, balding cure and viagra" every 2nd or 3rd entry, but the more i think of it the more i realize that any time i may do a PPP post that i'm forcing anyone who reads here (those who intentionally read and those who just search for emproyment - i'm second on the list by the way) to look at and potentially click through on someone's advertising without telling them it's an advertisement. is that wrong? does it irk anyone that you might be reading an ad and the possible click you may be making is a (hopefully) cleverly disguised commercial?

and if it did piss you off, you'd tell me right? down there on the comments section eh?

i don't know if there's anything in the terms of service that would allow you to alert your readers that you're making a paid advertisement, but then again i honestly wouldn't post about anything i didn't think was worth posting about - you know, like the month old cup of coffee on my desk.

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