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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sick to death of iTunes

about the only thing that impresses me about iTunes right now is that it rips good quality music from my CDs.

what's my beef you ask? well, i have a reasonably large music library. not massive, but a good size: 99.89 GB (22 thousand-ish songs). iTunes doesn't seem to like to have a library of this size very much, more specifically the latest version (version 7 i believe). searches for music are very slow, scrolling through the list of songs chops up and gets slow. hell, opening and closing iTunes has even really begun to suck - it will take in the area of 10 seconds just to open and about 20-30 to completely close out of the computer's memory.

i like the way it would work if i didn't have so much music. i like the idea of sharing music between computers, the playlists, the auto playlists, the Pary Shuffle. but outside of spending a ton of money on a new iMac, is there any way to listen to music without being horribly inconvenienced?

is there another music player that will rip AND burn CDs quickly, manage a library that will soon reach 150 GB and still be fast to search through, open and close?

and the kicker is that it must use a minimal amount of memory while playing. can't have the music eating up the CPU time from other applications.

who uses what? and how well does it work for you?

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  • At Thu Oct 12, 03:00:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    I'm a little dense when it comes to music ripping or burning or whatever it is called. My collection of music is housed the old-fashioned way, in two small bookcases in my den. But I have nowhere near the number of songs that you've accumulated.

    I'm so far behind in that area of technology that I didn't even enter the iPod contest at work - because if I won it, I'd have no way to load songs onto it.

    I use a DVD player. It works okay. Not great.


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